Wild Frog


The Wildlife collection is designed to spark curiosity and the kids sense of wonder. Inspired by Norwegian Fauna it portrays the shy lynx the small blue tit and the humble frog in their natural habitats. The collection presents a balance between playfulness and elegance with its complex motives and a rich color palette. 

The humble frog rests partly hidden in the leaves. Could this be the frog who laid the eggs we find under the water surface? Each spring a single frog may lay up to 4000 small eggs in small freshwater ponds or quiet streams. The many green shades in the mat harmonize and creates a vivid but also calm palette.

The anti-slip backing helps the mat to stay in position and prevents any moisture from penetrating the floor. The upper surface and underside of the mats consist of nylon and contain 20% recycled material. Zero waste production: All offcuts are recycled.

Thickness of the mat: approx. 5 mm

The mat can be placed on floors with underfloor heating, but please note that some floors may be sensitive to being covered.

The manufacturing process behind a Heymat involves many manual operations. This means that the mats may vary slightly in size, colour and appearance.

Shake or vacuum the mat regularly. Use a carpet cleaner or wash the mat if necessary. To wash the mat in a washing machine: Use a gentle detergent, wash at a temperature of 30°C, and spin-dry at low speed. We recommend that you dry the mat flat.

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