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Sofia Lind - Hold You - Blue


Fine art giclée print created by Sofia Lind exclusively for The Poster Club.

Sofia Lind is a designer and artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. Her work is very much imbued with patterns. The digital part of her work comes in late the process and she allows the materials/paintings to be visible and present.

"I started creating art when I realized that I didn’t want to be an engineer (I had just finished my engineer exam) and wanted to be creative in a different way. I, therefore, changed direction and applied to several art schools. In a way, it wasn’t a change of direction since I always had been creating/painting."

Sofia was born in Gothenburg but moved with her family to Lidköping, a small town in the west of Sweden the same year she started school.

"I moved back to Gothenburg for studies and after finishing my engineer exam at Chalmers, technical university, it didn’t feel right to continue on that path. I started HDK, School of design and crafts, and it felt like coming home and everything started to fall into place. For the first time in years, it felt like I had the right challenges. I took my master degree at Konstfack in Stockholm. I stayed in Stockholm where I now work and live."

She does art because it's a way of expressing herself, getting her inspiration by society, other painters, literature, textile patterns and misunderstandings to mention a few. Art helps her to see things from a new perspective, the joy of being invited into someone's mind.

"I have worked with pattern and pattern design for quite long. The mathematical and repeated process in pattern making suits me well and I often try to integrate patterns in my work. When I create posters, I try to make the steps between the original painting and the print minimal - for example, I want the stokes from the brush to be visible."

Fits standard frames. Frame is not included.
Packed and shipped in a protective tube.

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