Sentry Doorstop


The Sentry Doorstop is standing guard and ever-vigilant, monitoring all comings and goings. In instances where the door absolutely must stay open, the Sentry Doorstop will see to it. Composed of 3 lbs of stainless steel, and outfitted with a rubber base, even mighty, solid oak doors in great halls the world over will be kept at bay.

The Sentry Doorstop is also encircled by two silicone rings, which act as bumpers to protect rare and precious doors from denting and scuffing. Finally, a loop of rubberized mesh webbing tops it off for easy maneuvering and repositioning on the fly.

2.5" D x 2.5" H (6" H including loop)

3 lbs each

Stainless Steel body

Rubber foot

Silicone O-Rings

BioThane handle

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