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Linnéa Andersson - Eyes


Art print by Linnéa Andersson exclusively for The Poster Club. Printed on 265g high quality art paper.

“I am inspired by artists who work very hard in what they believe in. Like Yayoi Kusama and how she can repeat herself over and over again and yet never loses the strength or humour of her art,” says artist Linnéa Andersson who is based in Göteborg in Sweden. And you may know her from her collaboration with the Scandinavian fashion and homeware brand Arket.

She started out by studying to become a graphic designer - but it turned out to never really suit her. “It wasn’t until I took some time off from my studies that I realised that I wanted to paint. And from that point, I just couldn’t stop.”

After some time experimenting with different forms and motifs, the leafy figures that Linnéa Andersson is known for today started to take shape. The motif of the leaf took special meaning for the artist. She describes the leaf as something that takes up space and covers all surfaces. “It is silent but has a lot to say. Just like me.”

Linnéa Andersson describes her artworks as minimalistic, focused and loud, and sees the creating process as meditative investigation: An investigation into what is even possible to create. As she says: “How many times can I repeat the same shape and still find it interesting? So far I’ve not reached that point, and I’ll continue until I do.”

Fits standard frames. Frame is not included.
Packed and shipped in a protective tube.

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