Hex Soil


Hex hints at a larger pattern that we only see a selection of. The pattern is based on the hexagon and the circle – two shapes that within the geometry are strongly connected. Repetition and order give a calm expression that evokes associations with architecture and industry.

Hex is particularly suitable for smaller indoors entrances. The pattern makes a good scratch effect and will act as a effective dirt and dust catcher.

Designed by Lars Tornøe

Pile made of PET and PP (50% recycled content)

Nitrile rubber backing (20% recycled content)

Anti-slip Backing helps the mat to stay in position and prevents any moisture from penetrating the floor.

Thickness of the mat: approx. 8 mm

The mat can be placed on floors with underfloor heating, but please note that some floors may be sensitive to being covered. Contains no hormone disrupting or carcinogenic substances.

The manufacturing process behind a Heymat involves many manual operations. This means that the mats may vary slightly in size, colour and appearance.

The production process behind a Heymat involves numerous manual operations. The mats therefore have fewer variations in size, colour and appearance.

Shake or vacuum the mat regularly. Use a carpet cleaner or wash the mat if necessary. To wash the mat in a washing machine: Use a gentle detergent, wash at a temperature of 30°C, and spin-dry at low speed. We recommend that you dry the mat flat.

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