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Hanna Peterson - Babylon Buket


Art print by Hanna Peterson exclusively for The Poster Club. Printed on 265g high quality art paper.

Hanna Peterson is a Swedish artist, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She grew up in a small town with a lot of freedom to play and create.

"I have created art for as long as I can remember, it was the best thing I knew as a child and I never grew out of that feeling."

Getting her inspirations from music and poems, art is for Hannah a feeling building up inside, an inner picture that she needs to bring to life. Communication between her inner self and the material world.

When asked to describe her artwork she replies: timeless, flows, curious.

"My strive to develop has always pulled me in new directions, to new places and situations. It brought me through preparatory art schools and in the end to my BFA in design at HDK in Gothenburg. It has brought me to work as a seamstress as well as a design assistant for a fashion house in Copenhagen."

Her biggest achievements, according to herself, is to see her pattern artworks on the runway during Copenhagen fashion week, and her paintings being represented in interior magazines.

Fits standard frames. Frame is not included. 
Packed and shipped in a protective tube. 

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