From Soil to Form


Pine | Peppermint | Lime | Lemon | Orange | Cyclamen | White Rose | Lily of the Valley | Cedarwood | Patchouli | White Musk

From Soil to Form is a natural room diffuser made out of Korean soil and wood. The diffuser consists of a pinewood box that holds nine red soil spheres which upon oil fragrances are to be dropped. The red soil has natural features that gently emits the applied fragrance, as well as helping to balance the humidity of a room. It may be used indefinitely to disperse the carefully crafted Apothecary scents. From Soil to Form is created in collaboration with the creative branding Studio; Be My Guest, based in Seoul.

Korean soil balls, pinewood box

H4.4 / W11.3 cm

Scent diffusing

Humidity controlling

Acts to purify and enrich the surrounding air

The soil spheres are made of 100% natural materials and are biodegradable.

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