Flat Point

DOB 115


DOB is a modular shelving system designed to meet ever-changing needs of living spaces and professional environments. Clean in shape, timeless in design and defined by longevity.

You can create various configurations with the Flat Point color palette. Discover the beauty of storage perfectly tailored to your style and needs. Illuminate a dining room with an eclectic yellow sideboard or showcase your most treasured pieces in the living room on or in it. Start with a fixture of your choice and endlessly reconfigure any time as your life evolves.

Aluminum, which embodies elegance and versatility, is a material that boasts lightweight qualities and strong durability. Experience aluminum used in various premium designs as a modular system.

Anodizing is a key step in the manufacturing of DOB elements. A process that involves coating a metal part with an oxide surface layer, it gives the panels additional sturdiness and a more attractive finish. It ensures that the parts can resist corrosion and wear and tear from prolonged use.

It is equipped with premium Italian soft close systems. The dampers ensure even and smooth for soft and reliable closing.

From minimal to eclectic, select the color combination of your dreams. Available in 7 non-fading colors, the modular systems undergo a special powder coating process with eco-friendly semi-matte paints.

The maximum load per compartment is 30kg.

With proper and gentle care, your piece will look just as stylish and sleek in years as it does today. Clean with a duster of soft dry cloth. In the case of a more stubborn dirt or stain, a damp cloth with 7.8% alcohol or glass cleaner may be used. Wipe dry with a soft cloth. Never use abrasive cleaning agents or sponges.

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