Deep Forest Scented Candle


Pine | Peppermint | Lime | Lemon | Orange | Cyclamen | White Rose | Lily of the Valley | Cedarwood | Patchouli | White Musk

Deep Forest is an earthy fragrance, reminiscent of the wild Abies fir woods of Korea. Their monumental forests endure long, cool winters and warm, humid summers, offering a fusion of grounded greens and gentle blossoms that create a floral and woody balance. Created in collaboration with the creative branding studio Be My Guest, based in Seoul, Korea. 

The candle is vegan and cruelty-free, made with responsibly-sourced vegetable oil wax. They’re 100% cotton-wicked.

Made in Denmark / Italy

Black tinted glass, wooden lid

H8.8 / Ø7 cm

Created with natural and organic ingredients

Sustainably sourced


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