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Carla Llanos - Orange Flowers


Fine art giclée print created by Carla Llanos exclusively for The Poster Club. Printed on 265g high quality art paper.

To the Chilean-born artist, Carla Llanos, art is what makes us human. And to Llanos personally art came to her during a difficult time in life.

"I quit a very stressful job that left me with severe social anxiety, I decided to give myself some time between jobs to see whether there was anything I could do that would allow me to work from home and to discover something I would feel passionate about," she says and continues: "I tried many things before I fell in love with painting, but when I did, I knew that was it."

The now Bristol-based artist is easily inspired, but she feels a specifically strong connection with femininity, the simple things of everyday life and soft colour palettes. It is encapsulated by the words joyful, colourful and bright, which the artist uses to describe her artistic style.

Through her work's rich colour palettes, abstract shapes and vivid scenes, Carla Llano's meditative paintings inspire a sense of serenity in your home. Her artwork is created with a mix of traditional and digital drawing, and the main goal for Llanos is to instill the same sense of joy and calm into people’s lives that she feels every time she creates a painting or print.

Fits standard frames. Frame is not included. 

Packed and shipped in a protective tube.

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