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Bycdesign Studio - Figure 03


Art print by Bycdesign Studio exclusively for The Poster Club. Printed on 265g high quality art paper. 

Bycdesign Studio is an Aalborg-based design studio founded in 2016. Carsten Nielsen Beck is the designer behind Bycdesign Studio, he loves to create geometric forms and shapes with a mathematician’s attention to detail and quality coupled with an artist’s intuition for colour and form.

"I started by taking an interest in art when I finished my education as a graphic technician back in 2015, I loved putting together figures for colors on paper and on print media".

He is working closely in the fields of interior styling, product photography, graphic design. Getting his inspiration from architecture, geometry and nordic colors.

"My background in printmaking and photography gives me the options to see a new perspective in art. The simple lines that create a new object fascinate me, and force me to think art in a new way through the simple lines."

Getting his inspiration by photography, it gives him the opportunity to see new perspectives in art. The simple lines that create a new object fascinate him, and forces him to think of art in a new way.

Carsten is describing his work with the following words: Abstraction, Geometric contemporary art, Timeless. 

"Art is just another way I’ve found to escape into another world. It’s another way to express myself. In real life, I find it hard to say what I really want."

Fits standard frames. Frame is not included. 
Packed and shipped in a protective tube.

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