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Anastasia Benko - Josephine


Art print by Anastasia Benko exclusively for The Poster Club. Printed on 265g high quality art paper. 

Anastasia Benko is an artist born in Ukraine, but is currently based in Germany.

Anastasia Benko is a stylist, artist and vintage shop owner. She was born in Ukraine, but is currently based in Germany. Her work is a product of many years of exploration, travels, and inspiration from all types of artistic avenues.

Her style is a combination of gatherings from nature, using all that her surroundings offer. Not one of her stylings are in lack of natural elements. She is often referred to as a collector of nature, a forager of flowers, plants, and fruits.

“Today, I find myself most inspired when I create interior vignettes with the items I have collected in nature or on my travels, be it wild flowers, branches or antiques. Bringing the outside in is something that I find incredibly transformational and nurturing, which I share in depth throughout each photograph. Each and every day I practice witnessing the beauty of life through my work. For now, I am grateful to be living my dream of collecting, creating and capturing the essence of beauty in my own unique way.”

Fits standard frames. Frame is not included. 
Packed and shipped in a protective tube.

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