Ume Dispenser With Sensor


The Zone Denmark Ume Bathroom range is the recipient of a Red Dot Award. The Ume Sensor Soap dispenser is also the recipient of an iF World Design Guide Design Award.

The UME bathroom series is a soft, gentle and pleasant acquaintance. The VE2 design team is the force behind the superbly proportioned elements that create a solid and wonderfully balanced expression – for both the eye and hands.

UME is the Japanese word for plum tree and a symbol of elegance, patience and strength. The series is inspired by U, the first letter of its name, giving it both a modern and classical personality with exquisite and functional details.

This touch-free dispenser can be used for either liquid soap or hand sanitizer. The simple and attractive design is perfect for the kitchen, office, bathroom, meeting rooms, shops etc., as a friendly nudge to discreetly and tastefully remind us to protect each other by practicing proper hand hygiene.

Dimensions: 11.8cm x 11.8cm x 17.3cm

Uses 4 AA batteries

Holds 250ml, 1ml is dispensed at a time

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